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Rhesus Gene Cloning Service

Rhesus Gene Cloning Service

Rhesus is an important primate model for therapeutic product development in pre-clinical studies. Rhesus monkey genes are becoming important tools in product discovery and early stage product development. However, most Rhesus genes have not been cloned and are not available commercially. If one needs to study a gene function and a disease target in Rhesus model, one would need to clone the Rhesus gene, which could be quite time-consuming.

Sino Biological has devoted a large amount of resources in establishing expertise and capability in house for high-throughput gene cloning. In the last couple of years, Sino Biological has cloned out thousands of human, mouse, rat, cynomolgus, Rhesus, canine, and Ferret genes from cDNA libraries and tissue. Our experience includes cloning of very large genes and difficult-to-clone genes.

Our Rhesus gene cloning services offer significant values to customers worldwide. By outsourcing your gene cloning services to us, you are taking advantages of our existing expertise and economy of scale, and hence can allow your staff and researchers to ......... <Learn More>

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