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Gene Cloning CRO Service

Cloning of Antibody Genes (VL & VH) from Hybridoma Cells Cloning of Human Genes from human cDNA Library/Tissue Cloning of Mouse Genes from mouse cDNA Library/Tissue Cloning of Rat Genes from rat cDNA Library/Tissue Cloning of Cynomolgus Gene from cynomolgus cDNA Library/Tissue Cloning of Rhesus Gene from rhesus cDNA Library/Tissue Cloning of Ferret Genes from cDNA Library/Tissue

Experience in cloning >10,000 genes in house

Large cDNA libraries from multiple species

Significant cost saving from economy of scale

Save customer's time and cost

One-stop service from gene cloning to expression vector

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Gene Synthesis CRO Service

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  • qPCR / pRT-PCR Analysis Service

Plasmid Production CRO Service

Gene Cloning Service

Gene cloning is a routine task for many biology laboratories. However, it could be tedious and time consuming, and sometimes costly, especially for some difficult-to-clone genes. Generally speaking, the longer the gene, the more difficult and risk it is to clone the gene. One would also needs resources such as animal tissue or cDNA library to start the gene cloning work. For many laboratories, if you only needs to clone just a few genes, it may not make economic sense to set up the infrastructure and resources for gene cloning. Outsourcing the gene cloning work to a professional team could save your valuable time and cost at the same time.

Sino Biological is a leader and trusted partner for your gene cloning work. We have cloned over 10,000 genes from human and various animal cDNA libraries and tissues. We have set up highly efficient platform for gene cloning and have well trained professional staff to handle any difficult tasks.

Our gene cloning services include: Monoclonal antibody heavy and .........<Learn More>

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